Sex Help In Guildford

Some people have a far higher sex drive than others. This isn’t a bad thing, unless it starts to control your life. If your sexual activities make you feel ashamed or guilty, it’s often a sign you’re addicted; especially if it causes problems with relationships. Conversely, this problem often stems from a desire for intimacy.

In today’s modern world, pornography is more accessible than ever. Modern culture is also suffused with sexual imagery, making it difficult to forget your urges.

Signs you’re suffering this problem include: a feeling of a loss of control; destructive high risk sexual activities; shame and depression; intense mood swings around sexual activity; neglecting social or work commitments in favour of sexual acts; and repeatedly trying to stop, but being unable to.

If you want a healthy partnership, this issue naturally gets in the way.

For help with sex addiction in Guildford, visit Addiction Care today. We can offer counselling with experienced sex therapists and help you move forward.

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