Sex Addiction Therapy Guildford

Could you benefit from my sex addiction therapy in Guildford?

Sex addiction means you’re involved in compulsive activities despite them having negative consequences. If you’re addicted to having impulsive sexual encounters, for example, it can destroy a valued relationship with a partner. It can also lead to you catching sexually transmitted diseases and put your health at risk.

Whether your behaviour means you can’t enjoy a long-term relationship or watching pornography gets in the way of your personal life, you might benefit from professional treatment. Sexual addiction is rarely just about the sex itself; it’s often about a wish to feel desired and therefore wanted.

Where can I get help for sex addiction in Guildford?

With my specialist help and expertise, together we can work through your addiction and find the root cause. I believe that everyone should be able to gain access to affordable 1-1 therapy in Guildford when they need it. I am on hand to help you make the first step and can offer treatment sessions that are suited to your needs.

You can call me on 01483 533808 where I’ll be happy to discuss an appointment. I am here to help, and I look forward to supporting you through your journey.