Sex Addiction Rehab in Surrey

An addiction is a secretive illness that people can have negatively affecting their lives for years. One in particular is being addicted to sex. In the UK, the culture is to shy away from open discussions when it comes to sex and as such people suffering from an addiction to sex can feel ashamed and full of guilt without being able to talk to anyone.

We are here to help you understand that this is an illness that can be treated with the right rehabilitation programme that we can implement from our day-care centre in Surrey. Don’t let your addiction to sex keep putting unnecessary strain on your life. Also, if you have a partner then your addiction to sex can also put a great deal of stress and strain on the entire relationship.

Don’t let the fact that you feel ashamed or embarrassed by your addiction put you off seeking help. Our team have helped many others in a very similar situation to where you are now. We will help you uncover why you have an addiction to sex, we will then implement the programme required to gain a full and sustained recovery.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team today on 01483 533300 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Look no further for the leading sex addiction rehab in Surrey.