Professional Help for Sex Addiction in Surrey

Sex addiction is described as any sexual activity that feels out of control. That could be anything from watching porn, voyeurism or visiting prostitutes to having one-night stands.

Although not as well-known as drug addiction or alcoholism, sex addiction can have devastating consequences on somebody’s life. Researchers also say that this form of addiction is on the rise, particularly in America. This is partly due to the fact that porn is more accessible than it’s ever been.

The internet also enables people to hook up with strangers much easier. Disturbingly it’s easier to cheat on your partner than it has ever been. Dating sites have even described as ‘fuel’ for this type of addiction. For some people, their habits with sex have become ungovernable and are ruining their ability to form lasting relationships. Sex addiction often requires the living of a double life, which inevitably catches up with someone.

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