Help With Compulsive Overeating In Berkshire

Did you know, it’s currently Eating Disorders Awareness week? Organised by Beat, this international aware events helps to fight myths and misunderstandings surrounding eating disorders.

Last year, a report published by Beat found that 50% of those suffering from such disorders are affected by binge eating.

Compulsive overeating in a growing problem in modern society, and is often accompanied by guilt and secrecy. In particular, ‘emotional eating’ is a huge problem and many people’s way of coping with negative emotions. Stress, anxiety and even boredom can easily drive food addiction.

Compulsive overeating is not only bad for our physical health, the guilt and shame can also affect our mental well-being. It can often lead to feeling of depression, which can further fuel such problems with food.

If you require professional help in Berkshire, consider Addiction Care.  Our team understand that food addictions are one of the hardest to recover from- but they can be beaten. Our specialists will help not only tackle the roots of the problem, but offer practical help such as food plans.

We want to help individuals eat healthy and nutritious food, and regain their confidence in the process. Believe in change in 2016.

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