Getting Food Help In Surrey

Getting food help in Surrey or the surrounding area doesn’t have to be a difficult task. At Addiction Care we provide the care and treatment to anyone who is experiencing a food disorder such as overeating and bulimia.

We mentioned in our article last week just how hard dealing with a food addiction alone can be. We really can’t over-emphasise this point enough, food is everywhere and as our bodies rely on it’s energy to survive it’s not something that can simply be avoided. What we offer here is an understanding to you as to why your food disorder has manifested itself as there will be an underlying cause that needs to be resolved.

Once the cause of your eating disorder has been established the effective recovery programme can begin. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean expensive over night stays in our centre as we only offer day-care treatments.

If you would like to have a conversation with us about the treatment you require and to find out more about our food help programmes, please call us on 01483 533300. If you prefer, fill in our online ‘Get Help’ form and we will reply to you.

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