Food Addiction Help In Surrey

For those with problems related to food, Christmas can be a truly hellish period. In particular, it’s extremely easy to over-indulge at this time of year, when everybody is offering you chocolate, sweets and Turkey sandwiches.

If you have a genuine problem with food, don’t wait until the New Year to seek help.

Food addiction may not sound like a serious problem, but when you look at the health problems which arise as a result, it is indeed a significant issue, and one worth resolving. Obesity is a growing problem all over the world and linked to various health issues, including cancer.

Studies have shown that, for some people, the pleasure and reward centres of the brain are activated by food, in the same way other people are by drugs. In particular foods loaded with salt, sugar or fat are especially moreish. It’s not so much an addiction to food itself, but a psychological compulsion, with the process of eating and the rewards associated with it the real addiction.

If you suffer from compulsive over-eating, Addiction Care can help you turn over a new leaf in 2016. Our team can help you fully confront the problem and understand what drives your addiction to seeking comfort in food. We are based in Guildford, Surrey, and help people from all walks of life.

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