Drug Rehab In Surrey

One of the key treatments we provide is drug rehab in Surrey. If you have an addiction to a drug substance and you are local to Surrey then we can help you with our rehab programme to not only help you recover but to sustain recovery for the rest of your life.

We know that an addiction doesn’t just affect the one person alone, the addiction can also be just as damaging to family and friends who care about the person with the addiction. That’s why, along with providing our addiction programme for the person with the addiction, we also have a family programme in place. This programme is there to help educate people close to the person about the addiction they have and how they can help in the future with sustaining their recovery.

To find out more about our drug rehab in Surrey, please call us on 01483 533300 or email us at info@addictioncare.co.uk. We will be more than happy to assist you further and all correspondence is handled in the strictest of confidence.

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