Where do I Go For Help With Addiction?

Have you found us because you have searched online for ‘where do I go for help with addiction?‘ If so, then you are in safe hands with us here at Addiction Care. Based within Surrey and local to the surrounding areas of Berkshire, if you are near to us then we can provide the help and recovery programme required to get your life back on the track.

Since our formation we have helped people recover from a varied range of addictions, these include everything from an addiction to alcohol, spending, sex and drugs (to name a few). From previous patient feedback, we have received continued positive response from only providing day-care treatments with no requirement for overnight stays. Not only does this keep the price of your treatment affordable but you can also return to your home every evening.

All of our team are fully qualified and experienced to help you. Peter, who is the founder of Addiction Care is a recovering alcohol and he hasn’t had alcohol for the past decade. Peter and his team will help you realise that your addiction is an illness and like all other illness a cause needs to be established to aid the effective recovery and that’s what we will provide for you with our therapy sessions.

For more information about how you can get help with your addiction please contact us on 01483 533300 or email us at info@addictioncare.co.uk.