Do You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Hampshire?

‘The chains of alcohol are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.’


There are many different theories as to what causes alcohol addiction. Most recently, it’s been linked to the lack of a key enzyme in the brain, according to the NHS. However, overall it is an extremely complex problem that’s driven by both psychological and physical causes. For instance, withdrawal from alcohol can be extremely debilitating, with symptoms like shaking and dry heaves.  But the drinker might also be emotionally dependent on alcohol.

Our effective treatment for alcohol addiction.

If you suffer from an alcohol problem, it’s likely you’ve reached a point of crisis before seeking help. Despite intervention from friends and family, it can be difficult to confront your own demons. Ultimately, the desire to change has to be your own.

At Addiction Care we help clients from all over Surrey and Hampshire to conquer alcohol addiction. Our treatment starts with clients abstaining from alcohol, with therapy exploring the emotional issues that trigger your alcohol use.

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