Counselling For Sex Addiction In Surrey

Is your sex life negatively impacting your life?

The term ‘sex addiction’ is used to describe any sexual activity which feels out of control- it doesn’t necessarily mean having lots of sex. As long as you still feel in control of your habit and it’s not harming you or other people, then outside help usually isn’t necessary.

So, what are the signs of sex addiction?

Firstly, as aforementioned, there’s a feeling of not being in control. Whether you’re putting yourself in dangerous situations, watching too much pornography or are addicted to cybersex, there are plenty of scenarios where a person feels out of their depth. With the amount of material available on the internet, this is a growing problem for many people.

You might consistently pursue destructive sexual activities and want to stop, but be unable to.

Secondly, you believe there will be terrible consequences if you carry on with your current way of life.

Thirdly, many people end up neglecting their work or personal commitments in favour of sexual activity. You might also experience intense mood swings around times of sexual activity.

If you require treatment for this kind of addiction, and you’re located in Surrey, get in touch with Addiction Care. Based in Guildford, we help clients in a variety of ways, which you can discover more about here.