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Video Game Addiction Treatment Guildford

Get your life back on track with my video game addiction treatment in Guildford

Contrary to popular misconception, addictions affect people from all kinds of backgrounds and with many different problems and life experiences. It is not something that is only out there on the streets, but behind the closed doors of seemingly ordinary households.

Amongst all the addictions out there, one that we see more often than not is an addiction to video games. Offering an escape from the real world and the various problems it brings, a video game can quickly turn from being a hobby to a true addiction.

Are you suffering from problems with addiction in Guildford?

At Addiction Care, I provide professional treatment for anyone suffering from the wrath of addiction. Based in Guildford, I am here to give you a safe space in which we can explore your addiction, whether it’s video games, sex, gambling, drink or drugs.

With my individual counselling and support, I can support you and guide you towards a life free from your addiction. To find out more about me or to book an initial appointment, take a look around my website today.