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Video Game Addiction Counselling

Discover how my video game addiction counselling can transform your life

We all need a little escape from reality now and again, and it’s safe to say that many of us have craved this during this trying year. Whilst some people may find escapism in a hobby or particular interest, sometimes a video game can provide a safe place for you to feel understood.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, sometimes it can take over reality and it can leave you feeling anxious when you’re not playing the game. You may find that you fixate on a particular game and have lost sleep due to being engrossed in the moment. Or perhaps your video game addiction has taken itself to a new level and it’s harmed your relationships.

However you got here, if you feel that you’re facing a video game addiction, my counselling can help.

At Addiction Care, I offer a safe space for you to explore your addiction in a non-judgemental setting. By going at your pace and offering my full expertise and support, I believe we can make excellent progress and free you from the reigns of your addiction.

To find out more about my gaming addictions, take a look on my website today to see if you can relate to the symptoms.