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Spending Addiction Therapy Guildford

Is it time you tried spending addiction therapy in Guildford?

We all like a little treat now and again when we’re in need of a boost. Whether it’s a certain designer, piece of jewellery or that piece of artwork that you just had to have. We all deserve a little pick me up now and again, but for some people, the spending can quickly get out of control and it can lead to a spending addiction.

Maybe you feel comforted being surrounded by certain material objects? Perhaps you feel as though you need to keep up with your friends and always have the latest make or model? No matter how it affects you personally, if you feel like your spending habits are getting out of control and potentially putting you in debt, you could be facing a spending addiction.

Here at Addiction Care I specialise in addiction therapy and cover a range of addictions. Whilst a spending addiction may not be as widely talked about as others, the reality is that many people are affected by them and it can cause incredible damage both financially and emotionally.

By choosing my addiction therapy, we’ll sit down together and talk through everything such as the emotions you feel when you make a purchase, or where you think it stems from. You’ll have my commitment, support and understanding every step of the way.

To speak to me about an initial appointment, get in touch via my website to find out more.