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Drug Addiction Treatment in Surrey

From our experience here at Addiction Care, people suffering from an addiction do not understand the full extent of the problem until there is a point of crisis. There tends to be a misconception by the affected individual, including close family and friends that the addiction can be controlled and managed without seeking help.

Here at Addiction Care, we are here to help you understand the full affects and the treatment required to overcome the addiction and regain control. This is true for all types of addictions which includes an addiction to drugs. The first thing we will make clear to you is that there is no cure for an addiction, however, recovery is most certainly achievable, especially with our day care treatments.

Don’t allow yourself to believe your addiction isn’t a problem, likewise, don’t be ashamed of admitting that you currently have a problem with drug use. We aren’t here to judge you, we are here to help you. Our expert team have many years of experience helping people in your situation.

Would you like help? If so, then call us today on 01483 533300. Don’t allow your addiction to drugs to continue.

Make us your first choice if you are looking for drug addiction treatment in Surrey.

Food Treatment Surrey

Are you struggling with a food related disorder, or are you worried about someone else who is? If so, then our food treatment Surrey care services will help. As a specialist rehabilitation centre, we have proven processes in place to help you, or someone you know control the addiction.

We regularly help people deal with compulsive overeating and bulimia. It’s extremely important you seek help if you are suffering from these conditions, or you know someone who is. Like the majority of addictions, if left untreated then there can be severe negative effects caused to health and wellbeing.

There are many reasons as to why the onset of an eating disorder may be caused. However, the important thing for you to remember is that recovery is certainly more than possible. With our treatment in place, the right support will be given to give the best possible chance of success. We also provide follow up care sessions should you ever need us again in the future.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01483 533300 to find out more about the food treatment services we offer. All calls are handled with the strictest of confidence.

Tailored Alcohol Rehab Guildford

We’re all different and that’s why if you, or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there are different ways to provide treatment. Here at Addiction Care, although we have proven techniques that work in helping to overcome an addiction, we also take the time to find out about you and how your addiction is affecting you. We can then implement a tailored rehab programme which will have the best chance of success.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re addicted to alcohol through to gambling, or even work, if you are local to Guildford then you won’t be disappointed with seeking help from us.

Although tailored day care costs vary, to help give you an idea of prices you can see them on our website by clicking HERE. As you’ll be able to see, whether you need us for a one day follow-up, or an intensive 4 week programme, we keep our prices competitive. We want to help you without you having to worry about the cost.

If you would like more information, or to speak to us in the strictest of confidence then please call our team on 01483 533300. We’ll be able to assist you further.

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The Best Gaming Rehab Surrey

Have you found us because you’re looking for the best gaming rehab Surrey provider? If so, then welcome to Addiction Care. We specialise in helping people deal with and overcome a varying range of addictions which, if left untreated can have a severe negative impact of their lives.

Over recent years we’ve seen a rise in the number of people suffering from an addiction to gaming. This is only natural because of the rise of the gaming industry for the past two decades. What this means for you, is that if you are suffering from a gaming addiction then you’re certainly not alone. Although it may not feel like it now, you can obtain help to stop gaming from taking over your life and negatively affecting you.

Don’t allow the destruction that gaming addiction can and will cause enter and remain in your life. call our team today on 01483 533300, we’ll be more than happy to assist you and provide you with the appropriate care and treatment you require to overcome your addiction to gambling.

Addiction Care in the Surrey Advertiser

Addiction care was featured in 5th April’s edition of the Surrey Advertiser. Click to view.













Addiction Rehab in Surrey

If you are looking for addiction rehab in Surrey, then welcome to Addiction Care. We have been providing effective treatment for a varying range of addictions for a number of years.

We’re confident that if you are suffering from an addiction that’s having a negative impact on your life, then we can help you implement the required strategies to beat the addiction and get your life back on track. Although there is no cure for an addiction, with one of our treatments you can learn how to control the addiction so it doesn’t overpower your life.

We can help you with any of the following –

  • Drug Addiction
  • Work Addiction
  • Exercise Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Self Harming
  • Plus many more

Full information on the range of addictions we cover can be found on the home page of our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 533300 if you would like to book onto one of our rehab treatments and we’ll be more to assist you further.

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Over the past few years there has been an increasing trend for workplace absenteeism caused by stress, anxiety, and depression.  Surrey based Addiction Care believes that in many cases it is addiction that causes these issues and so in response have created a specialist service for Human Resources and Occupation Health departments and companies.  The service allows companies to refer employees to Addiction Care as part of an Employee Assistance Programme.  Once referred each employee will be assessed as to their individual needs, and a tailor made ‘day care’ recovery programme created for them.  This enables the employee to take an agreed period of ‘time off’ to fit in with their working and family life commitments, thus being of benefit to both employer and employee.

Addiction is usually secret; an employee will try and hide their using for a long period of time before the consequences become obvious for all to see.  In the work place the first thing that happens is the person becomes pre-occupied.  They don’t listen to what their peers or customers are saying, they are ‘out of the meeting’ whilst still in the meeting, and pre-occupied with thinking of the next time they will use their ‘drug of choice’. Their performance deteriorates, and eventually this leads to absenteeism.

In 2011 Government statistics show the total number of working days lost was 131 million, of these 13.3 million were attributed to employees suffering with stress, anxiety and depression.  There are many occasions when stress and anxiety overlay addiction.  Alcoholism, drug misuse and other addictive behaviours such as gambling can be at the core of depression and mental health issues and are often mis-diagnosed.


Gaming Addiction Treatment With Addiction Care

The 21st Century has seen a phenomenal growth within the gaming industry. Nowadays purchasing a console and games of your choice is extremely affordable and as a consequence there has been a steady increase of people becoming addicted to playing games, either alone, or online.

If you’ve become addicted to playing video games, or you’re worried about someone you care about who you think has a gaming addiction, then we can help. It’s extremely important that help is given as without it the person affected with this type of addiction can quickly become a recluse. Education, or work can suffer as a result, along with personal happiness and well being.

It couldn’t be easier receiving gaming addiction treatment with Addiction Care. We have all of the expertise and tools in place to assist straight away.

If you would like to receive more information on how we can assist, then please call us on 01483 533300. We’ll be able to help you within the strictest of confidence. If you prefer, you can email us on and once received, we’ll reply to you.