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Internet Addiction Treatment Guildford

Could you benefit from my internet addiction treatment in Guildford?

Perhaps more than ever before we are looking to the internet for safety, reassurance and a comfort blanket. With endless websites to browse, apps to download and social media platforms to be part of, it can sometimes feel as though if we don’t take part then we’re missing out altogether.

Whilst many of us will happily admit we have more screen time than we perhaps should, the reality is sometimes it can get overwhelming and obsessive. What might have started out as an innocent hobby can spiral into a world of addiction and obsessive behaviour involving the internet. If you feel that your habits have gotten out of hand and you need some time to evaluate your potential internet addiction, I am here to help.

At Addiction Care I specialise in addiction therapy and specialise in a range of addictions. Whilst you may typically think of drink or drug addiction, internet addiction is a real problem and can affect you in many ways. You might have found that it’s isolated you from the real world or perhaps makes you nervous or anxious when you aren’t able to access it.

For help that is effective, confidential and supportive, choose my therapy in Guildford today.