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Internet Addiction Therapy

Could you benefit from my internet addiction therapy?

Now more than ever before, we are seeking comfort and reassurance, and this can sometimes come from unlikely places found on the internet. With isolation having so many of us seeking a cure for boredom, it’s only natural that we’re turning to the internet, but have you noticed that your habits are getting out of control?

With so much information readily available at our fingertips, the internet can turn from being an innocent browse into a dangerous game. Whether you favour online spending, virtual gambling, chatrooms, or anything else that means you’re spending more of your time in an alternative reality, it’s important to address your internet addiction in the right way.

Here at Addiction Care, I am here to help you overcome your addiction to the internet, whatever form it may take. I specialise in addiction therapy and have worked with people for many years who have experienced a range of addictions.

I offer you a safe space that is confidential and non-judgemental, giving you a chance to explore your addiction and learn a new way to live your life. To speak to me about your addiction worries, get in touch via my website and we can arrange a virtual consultation at a suitable time.