Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Guildford, Surrey

Around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the amount we drink tends to increase exponentially. It can therefore be a difficult period for anybody with an alcohol problem.

According to a recent study, women now drink as much as men, and are doing increasing amounts of damage to their health. With the gender gap closing, experts are largely attributing this to cheaper drinks and marketing campaigns aimed at women. However, it could also be because women are suffering increasing amounts of stress.

No matter your age or sex, alcohol addiction can wrack havoc on your life. Unfortunately, often it’s takes a crisis to drive somebody to seek help.

Do you need treatment for alcohol addiction in Guildford?

If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction and are based near Guildford, Addiction Care offer expert treatment to conquer your addiction. We offer the motivational support that you need to break away from addiction.

Our individualised treatment for alcohol addiction includes exploring the emotional triggers behind this type of addiction. Since alcohol is often used as a coping mechanism, this is an important part of therapy. It also involves exploring other ways to cope with stress.

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