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Over the past few years much more has been written about addiction and more people are beginning to understand the impact it can have. A huge number of people across the UK are affected by various addictions and there is a need for more affordable professional help to become available.

Amongst all the addictions, one of the least talked about is an addiction to sex. With sex still being somewhat of a taboo subject amongst the general public, an addition to sex can come with an extra dose of shame and embarrassment. If you feel like you’re facing a sex addition and would like to overcome your issues, look no further than Addiction Care.

At Addiction Care, I offer expert 1-1 help with addictions in Guildford and I am confident that together we can achieve fantastic results. I understand that confronting an addiction can seem daunting, but through the use of various techniques and open communication, you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and live your life free from your addiction.

To take the first step towards overcoming your addiction to sex in Guildford, get in touch today.