Understanding Addictive Behaviour

How many times has someone said to their loved one “Don’t drink so much – just have one drink”. Many say this frustrated that the person seems to have too much to drink once they start – why can’t someone just have one or two – why does it have to be a bottle or more?

To someone without an addiction personality they can do this – however someone that has an addictive personality then its not possible. An alcoholic, if having a first drink will always have a second and then a third – there is no off switch – they drink to much and often there is a consequence. They are not doing it on purpose – the addictive personality wants “more and more”. Unfortunately, if someone has an issue with drink this needs to be explored and if the person concedes this to be the case then the only solution to an alcohol issue is complete abstinence. This is hard to come to terms with and this is the essence of the work that I do at Addiction Care.

This does not just apply to alcohol – it applies to drug use, gambling, food, relationships, co-dependency, sexual behaviour, pornography, spending, social media, computer games and work. Almost anything in extreme use can be classified as an addiction.

Often the first step is to have an assessment with me – an assessment takes 75 minutes and often sitting in a completely confidential space with me, the person hears the truth about their own situation. Then they can start to decide what kind of a future they wish. I never tell a person what to do – that’s not my job – I help them reflect on the truth and then allow and support them to change if it’s their choice.

You can’t give up the addiction without understand the reason / thinking behind the addictive behaviour. You can’t stop on “strength of Character” or “Willpower” or “Determination”. Addiction Therapy will help you understand the thinking and triggers behind needing to use the behaviour – once you understand the reasons that trigger you then you can ACCEPT that the addictive behaviour has a negative consequence in your life and then you make the CHOICE to stop the behaviour.

My name is Peter. I am 22 years sober of a drink and 22 years clean of a drug. I specialise in helping clients in 1-1 Therapy – Face to Face or Zoom – explore their behaviours and look at how it affects them or their loved ones. I am passionate about helping and our sessions will, be completely private and confidential.

I work from the centre of Guildford and take pride in helping clients recover from their addictions.

My phone is on 24 x 7 – call me for a chat. 01483 533808 or email me on info@addictioncare.co.uk.

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