Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Are you, or do you know someone suffering with an addiction to alcohol? Any addiction is extremely hard to beat if you don’t seek professional help and unfortunately, an addiction to alcohol is no different.

If you have found us because you are aware that you have a problem with alcohol and your want to receive treatment for alcohol addiction, then you are already on the right path to recovery and recovery is certainly possible! Here at Addiction Care, we provide day care treatments for people just like you. We know what’s required to help you get your life back on track whilst overcoming and managing your addiction to alcohol.

If you are local to Surrey, then don’t suffer with an addiction to alcohol. Book in with us and our experienced team will be able to help you. There is nothing to be ashamed of, alcohol is a drug and is a highly addictive substance. We will show you how to not let alcohol control your life.

For more information, or to book in with us, please call our team on 01438 533300. We will be able to assist you further.