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Looking for Sex Addiction Treatment in Berkshire?

Are you struggling from problems with sex addiction in Berkshire?

One of the biggest misconceptions of addiction is that it’s all in the mind, and people can just stop at any time. This particularly isn’t the case with drug and alcohol addiction, where there are both physiological and emotional problems underlying it. Nor is it always the case with sex addiction, as many people are born with a much higher sex drive than other people.

If you’re looking for sex addiction treatment in Berkshire, Addiction Care in Guildford, Surrey, are keen to help you.

Our counsellor delivers sex addiction treatment that supports you emotionally, while helping you understand the physical aspects of an addiction.

Why is sex addiction becoming such a problem in modern society?

The increasing ubiquity of virtual worlds, like porn or chat rooms, has led to problem with sex addiction becoming much more common. Sex is a natural and enjoyable part of life, but if your compulsive habits are ruining healthy relationships, it could be considered an addiction.

At Addiction Care, our aim is to make sure that you, or someone you know, can be helped with their issues and move forward in life.

We use one-to-one counselling to discuss the repressed feelings that are the root cause of your habits. Our counsellor is committed to giving you time and space to open up about sex addiction, and explore how it could be linked to problems with intimacy

If you’re based in Berkshire, why not discover more about our sex addiction treatment?