Sex On The Brain In Surrey?

Sex makes us feel good, so it’s not surprising it can be addictive. In fact, this addiction is actually similar to substance abuse, as powerful chemical substances are released during sex, in particular endorphins.

Although it’s not currently a diagnosable condition, research suggests that perverse sexual behaviour is indeed similar to chemical addiction.

The counselling service Relate describes sex addiction as any sexual activity which feels out of control, whether it’s sex itself, watching pornography, masturbation, using prostitutes or calling sex lines.

Relate also describe it as involving ‘frequent self-destructive or high-risk activities’ that are not emotionally fulfilling and that one is ashamed of. It’s also something that you cannot stop even though it’s causing frequent problems.  This might involve a ruined relationship with a partner or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

The causes of sex and love addiction are often rooted in childhood and adolescence, with trauma and neglect often potential reasons.

If you require counselling for sex addiction, the trained counsellors at Addiction Care can help. Our therapists can help you regain control and resume a healthy, normal sex life with a partner. Based in Guildford, we are ideal for anybody suffering from addiction issues in Surrey.

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