Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction isn’t just a couple nights a week with your partner, for many people, a sex addiction is things of a sexual nature taking control of their thoughts and of their lives. Often, sufferers of this addiction will take riskier and riskier moves, desperate for the thrill and the fix. In many ways, sufferers of sex addiction are infact simply craving the intimacy sex brings, they are damaging to themself by replacing this industry with anything from pornography to voyeurism.

However, if you’re suffering from sex addiction, you’re not alone. Many people in the world are controlled by this vicious addiction, however, there is a way out. At Addiction Care, you can get the help you need through spending time in a safe environment in which we can explore your addiction to sex.

Other Forms of Addiction

There are many forms of addiction out there, from food addiction to gambling, all of these are damaging to a person’s wellbeing, draining their resources in some way and warping their identity into some they are not. In many cases, addiction can lead to other mental issues.

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