New Year Resolutions!!

A New Year and we all make that promise.  I will stop drinking or not drink so much. No more drugs. That’s the last bet I will ever have. I am going to lose 3 stones in weight. That’s the last time I look at pornography.

No matter what the addictive behaviour is linked to – Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Overeating, Sex, Porn, Work, Relationships, Computer Games, Spending. We all make promises that it will be different from today.  A few days later, a few weeks later – even a month later – there is a relapse, and we return to that old behaviour.

You can’t give up the addiction without understand the reason / thinking behind the addictive behaviour. You can’t stop on “strength of Character” or “Willpower” or “Determination”. Addiction therapy will help you understand the thinking and triggers behind needing to use the behaviour – once you understand the reasons that trigger you then you can ACCEPT that the addictive behaviour has a negative consequence in your life and then you make the CHOICE to stop the behaviour.

Its so difficult if your loved one is telling you to stop – its so much easier if you understand the process and then make the CHOICE yourself to stop.

Once you understand what triggers you it then becomes easier to move forwards in life and start enjoying The New Year.

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