It’s Euro Football Time – Surely “one drink” is ok?

The UK and Europe are watching football. It’s an exciting time for those football fans and supporters.
They love the game and all those BBQ’s and family gatherings with friend’s are a must. No one wants to
be left out.

For those with a drink problem, it’s a bad time. Imagine the person struggling with alcohol – wanting to
mix with family and friends at that BBQ – friends or family being a little intoxicated and then the problem
– “Surely one drink won’t hurt you”!!

The fact is – if you are an alcoholic and are choosing to live in sobriety – that first drink will start the
addictive cycle of again. For an alcoholic “One is too many and a thousand never enough”. Once someone
with a drink problem has that first drink – there will be a second and a third and then it’s like the old
times. That person goes back to old drinking ways faster than you can imagine. This is so hard for
friends and family to understand – they probably don’t have a drink problem – they don’t understand that
one drink will equal chaos to the alcoholic.

This is not just true of people with alcohol problems – all addictions are the same.
Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food, Sex, Pornography, Relationship and Co-dependency are all the same.
For people with an Addictive Personality, we all have the problem. No matter what the drug of choice

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