Get Help For Drug Addiction In Hampshire

In the 21st century, drug addiction takes many different forms. Although we traditionally associate it with Class A drugs like cocaine, there is growing problems with prescription drugs, particularly strong pain killers. There are also the dangers of certain drugs being available online.

However, street drugs like ecstasy are continuing to cause big problems too. A Global Drug Survey in 2016 polled drug users and found that stronger pills and powders are in circulation. This means that young people are more likely to end up in an emergency department.

In today’s often stressful world, many people turn to drugs to overcome anxiety and depression, only to make such problems worse. In the long term, drugs are never good as a coping mechanism.

Do you need an accredited addiction counsellor in Hampshire?

Based in Guildford, near Hampshire, Addiction Care could be the help you’re looking for.

Whether you’re suffering from drug or alcohol problems in Hampshire, our experienced counsellor can help you both confront and overcome drug addiction. Based in Guildford, we are only a short drive from many parts of Hampshire, including Aldershot, Fleet and Farnborough.

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