Get Food Addiction Treatment Surrey

An addiction to food, in our experience is one of the most difficult to overcome and re-gain control of, simply because unlike other addictions, you need the source of the addiction (food) everyday, you simply can’t stop having food to stop the addiction. However, we can help you if you are looking to get food addiction treatment in Surrey.

Who are we?

Here at Addiction Care, we are a specialist rehabilitation centre dealing with a varying range of addictions with our day care treatments. We have been helping people overcome the addiction they are facing within the local area for a number of years.

Why should you come to us?

Quite simply, we’re experts in our field. Our team of therapists are all highly trained and qualified to offer the treatments that we provide. We have proven methods to deal with all addictions faced within the Western world, from food, through to gambling.

On our website you’ll be able to find a wealth of information about the treatments we provide for food addiction. If you have any questions, please call us on 01483 533300.

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