Gaming Addiction Treatment Surrey

Gaming addiction is often taken most seriously by parents, who see how much time that it robs from their children. Especially if it interferes with their studies. However, it can affect people of all ages.

Gaming offers the kind of escapism that many seek from the difficulties of the modern world. However, it has a number of negative consequences.

Symptoms of this addiction include: compulsive game playing, social isolation, mood swings and decline in imagination, with strong emphasis on in-game achievements.

Other signs include a strong preoccupation with games, even when not playing; withdrawal and feeling sad, anxious irritable or moody when unable to play games; being unable to cut down on time spent playing; giving up other activities to play games; using games to escape from negative moods or events; risking and losing relationships because of your addiction. From personal relationships to career opportunities- these can all be affected by this problem.

In today’s technological age, internet addiction- whether to games or not- is one of the biggest growing problems. With smart phones here, there and everywhere, it’s no wonder this problem is becoming so big.

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