Find Food Addiction Help in Hampshire

Food addiction is a serious problem in the UK. With obesity levels hitting record levels, it is putting a strain on NHS services. Last year there was on average 530,000 admissions due to weight-related problems.

When many people are stressed, they turn to food for comfort. It isn’t actually the food which is addictive; it’s more the process of eating it. Stimulating reward pathways in the brain, craving food is a behavioural addiction rather than related to substances.

Unfortunately, unlike other additions, this problem is usually relatively hidden. Binge eating often isn’t taken seriously enough, despite the fact it causes long-term problems. It is often a vicious cycle, and can affect both men and women.

Are you looking to find food addition help in Hampshire? If you feel you have no control over your eating, Addiction Care can help. Based in Guilford, we want you to regain confidence and self-esteem.

Addiction Care begin by helping people face self-denial, therefore bringing a touch of reality. At the same time, we look to mitigate feelings of shame and guilt. After this, we will create a healthy and nutritional food plan.

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