Expert Addiction Treatment Near Berkshire

Addiction is any condition where someone persists in taking substances, or partaking in activities, even though it causes negative effects. It can be anything from playing too many video games, to taking drugs like cocaine. Even work itself can be an addiction.

The sufferer experiences withdrawal when they try to quit- whether it’s psychological or physical, or a combination of both. The addict’s first problem to tackle is their dependency on the substance or activity.

Although drugs and alcohol addiction are well-known, other addictions like overspending and playing videogames are now extremely common. The psychology of addiction can be extremely complex, and differs from person to person. But most damaging addiction rip through people’s live, regardless of the causes underlying them.

Expert addiction treatment near Berkshire.

At Addiction Care we help people from all walks of life to combat addiction. Based in the county town of Guildford, our clients include those from across Berkshire.

Our Accredited Addiction Counsellor understands the pain which addiction causes, and how difficult it can be to overcome it. He can help you start the journey towards a better life- free from addiction.

Start your journey to recovery in 2016.

To get in touch, simply call 01483 533808.

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