Embark on the Road to Addiction Recovery

Dealing with an addiction can sometimes feel like a lonely place. Even if you are surrounded by family and friends who offer unconditional love and support, you can still feel on your own and that nobody truly understands the scope of the problem with your addiction and the effects.

Here at Addiction Care, we can help you embark on the road to addiction recovery. Our trained and expert team understand how it feels to face an addiction and the processes in place to initiate and continue with a successful recovery plan. It doesn’t matter what type of addiction you have, whether that’s an addiction relating to a substance, or activity we can help from our rehabilitation centre in Surrey.

By coming to us you are walking into a judgement free zone. Peter, who is the proud owner of Addiction Care is a recovering alcoholic himself. He knows better than most what’s required to sustain recovery from highly addictive substances and indeed activities that are negatively affecting you and others around you.

For more information, please contact us today on 01483 533300. If you prefer, you can email us directly on info@addictioncare.co.uk.

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