Drug Help Berkshire

Drug addiction is a complex disease. For those who don’t suffer from such problems it is often frustrating and hard to understand. All they can see is the negative consequences, and wonder why the person doesn’t just quit. Family and friends also feel helpless when they see someone on a downward spiral.

The truth is drug addiction isn’t just a way of masking emotional pain. Once a person is addicted, it changes the pathways in the brain, and causes long-term problems with both your mental and physical health. It can also affect your ability to maintain employment and negatively impact social relationships.

Nowadays drug addiction problems aren’t just limited to well-known substances, like cocaine or heroin. Unfortunately prescription drugs like codeine and strong painkillers are a growing problem.

Many people delay seeking help for various reasons, including social stigmas, fear or sheer denial. As a consequences it often doesn’t happen until you reach crisis point.

Do you live in Berkshire and need help with drug problems? We can help you confront the reality of your addiction, get clean and address the underlying triggers driving your addiction. Our team want you to, not only to achieve sobriety, but actively enjoy it.

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