Drug Addiction Treatment In Guildford

Drug addiction is a complex disease, involving both psychological and physical triggers.

Quitting, therefore, takes more than just will power; but it’s always worth it. Over time, addiction can tear through someone’s life, wracking havoc on their relationships, work commitments and general health. And all too often, it ends in tragedy.

With more deaths linked to prescribed drugs, which are sold online, there’s been growing concern over the illegal selling of such substances. These include drugs used to treat anxiety and insomnia, such as benzodiazepines.

Addiction to illegal drugs might be more well-known; but there’s also the exponential problem of prescription drugs, like codeine-based pain killers. In today’s high-stress environments, many people feel drugs are the only way to cope. Drug addiction becomes a coping mechanism, which over time, turns into full-scale addiction.

For drug addiction treatment in Guildford, contact us at Addiction Care. Based in Guildford itself, our trained counsellors can help you turn over a new leaf. The New Year is an excellent time to move your life forward and confront your addiction. We address the underlying issues behind the problem and attack it at its roots.

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