Drug Addiction Treatment Harley Street

Trust in our drug addiction treatment in Harley Street to get you back on your feet once again

Having a drug addiction can be a lonely and isolating place to live. Whether you’re addicted to painkillers, sleeping pills or common street drugs, there is always a way out and someone who can help.

Here at Addiction Care, we offer drug addiction treatment in Surrey and the surrounding areas to those who feel trapped within their addiction. Being addiction therapists, we specialise in a range of addiction treatments and can provide you with the right support.

By working with you every step of the way, we will be able to help you discover how your addiction began and learn new ways to live your life free from your addiction. With us, you will experience no judgement, our full support and a safe place to explore your addiction.

If you would like to make a change to your life, get in touch today to discuss our drug addiction treatment in Guildford. Fill out the contact form on our website to make an initial appointment or call now on 01483 533808. We look forward to hearing from you.