Do You Need One To One Therapy In Hampshire?

‘If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.’

(Benjamin Alire Sáenz).

Individualised therapy is often the best way to combat addiction. Because addiction is a complex disease, it is usually driven by both psychological and physiological factors.

Addiction also takes many different forms: alcohol and drugs, internet addiction, sex, food and spending, for example.  One of the biggest growing problems is internet addiction, which is linked to a poor attention span, depression, impulsiveness and anxiety.

Whatever form it takes, when at its most extreme, addiction can destroy people’s lives. We’ve all seen the consequences of alcohol and drug addiction at its worse. All too often the story doesn’t end well.

Do you need one to one therapy in Hampshire?

At Addiction Care we offer one-to-one therapy for a variety of people in Hampshire and Surrey.

Based in Guildford, Surrey, our Accredited Addiction Counsellor wants to aid your journey to recovery. We offer personalised treatment to suit every client, with motivational support every step of the way.

Our one-to-one therapy is perfect for many different types of addiction. Why not discover more about our philosophy today?

To get in touch in Hampshire, simply call 01483 533 808.

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