Do you need One to One Therapy in Berkshire?

Christmas can be an extremely tough time for anybody who suffers from addiction. This period is fraught with emotional difficulties for those who come from a fractured family. Since emotional hardships are a driving force behind addiction, it’s easy to feel vulnerable in December.

For those with alcohol problems, it’s also hard to be surrounded by people drinking.

Many people believe 1-1 therapy is essential in combating addiction. It gives you a place to go when you’re worried about relapse, and helps you deal with stress without feeling the need for alcohol or drugs to cope. Since many addicts suffer a strong risk of relapse, such support can prove invaluable.

For 1-1 therapy in Berkshire, get in touch with Addiction Care.

Based in Guildford, we’re keen to provide the support you need to overcome addiction, whether it’s alcohol or drug addiction, or other issues like gambling, overeating, sex addiction, video game addiction, or co-dependency.

We regularly attract clients from all over Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

Our philosophy is to support, facilitate and encourage to the road to recovery.

Our one-to-one therapy focuses on first accepting a problem, before encouraging one to take responsibility for their actions.

Sensitive but firm, our counsellor believes in providing a crucial shift in perspective. Like many experts, we believe that addiction is an illness and not a personality flaw.

Discover more about our one-to-one therapy today.