Do you live in Surrey and need Sex Help?

Do you live in Surrey and need sex help? Although sex may feel like a taboo subject and one that can be difficult to talk about, an addiction to sex can cause real problems for yourself and anyone else who you care about.

Whether you are addicted to watching pornography on the internet through to having the continual urges for sex which is causing strain between you and your partner, just like any other addiction, receiving one to one therapy can really help you to recover from your addiction to sex.

I know that speaking about your addiction to sex with a complete stranger will feel like a daunting and off putting task. However, working through your addiction with someone unrelated can make the entire process easier over time. You can find out more information about my therapy sessions for sex addiction HERE.

If you would like to speak to me (Peter) in full confidence about the next steps for seeking help with an sex addiction, please call me on 01438 533 808.

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