Do you live in Surrey and Need Drug Help?

Do you live in Surrey and need drug help? My name is Peter and I have been helping people with drug addictions in Surrey and the local area for a number of years. With my one to one therapy sessions I will be able to help you recover from your drug addiction and I am here to provide the support you will need.

It doesn’t matter what type of drugs you are addicted to, whether that’s pain killers, sleeping pills through to cocaine or heroin, there are proven strategies to help you recover regardless of the substance you are addicted to. The process starts off by us helping you realise the gravity of the situation and the effects your addiction to drugs is having on yourself and the people you care about. I will then talk with you to find out when your addiction to drugs started and what was occurring in your life at that time. Together we can resolve any issues that weren’t resolved previously so once you are in a state of a recovery you have a high chance of not relapsing.

Please call me today on 01483 533808 if you would like an initial consultation with me. I will be able to help and I look forward to hearing from you.

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