Conquer Your Drug Addiction In 2016

Tackling a complex problem like drug addiction might be hard, but it is possible. And it’s always worth it.

Misuse of drugs not only damages your health; it has a devastating effect on your family life, your work and on wider society. Whether or not someone seeks help often means the difference between life and death. As Donald Lynn Frost once said, ‘Drugs take you to hell, disguised as heaven.’

According to The Independent, the five most addictive drugs in the world are heroin, cocaine, nicotine, barbiturates and alcohol.

Although people associate drug addiction with Class A drugs, there is a growing number of people addicted to prescription drugs, including strong pain killers and sleeping pills. This is not only dangerous, but can eventually lead to people using harder drugs.

While many people can use recreational drugs without getting addicted, other people are more susceptible to compulsive drug taking. This is often due to a myriad of factors, including a difficult past or an addictive personality. Because the impetus behind drug use is so varied it’s important to seek professional counselling, to help undercover what’s driving your addiction.

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