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1-1 Sex Therapy In Surrey

Sex can be seen as a taboo subject, however, having an addiction to sex is just as real as being addicted to alcohol, drugs or activities such as work or gambling. Being addicted to sex can cause negative relationships with a spouse or partner and if left untreated the problem can get worse over time.

With the rise of the internet, being able to access pornographic material is only a Google search away along with being able to access chat rooms and online dating websites. This accessibility has seen a growing rise in sex addictions and throughout this year, I have helped people battling an addiction to sex with my 1-1 sex therapy treatment programmes. As an addiction, there will be a reason why you have become addicted to sex, it’s my job to work with you to understand how and why it has occurred. I will then be able to help you resolve those issues and learn the techniques needed to recover from your addiction.

If you have any questions or you would like to have a confidential chat with me, please call me (Peter), on 01483 533808. I am here to help you in the new year and I look forward to helping you recover from your addiction to sex.

Look no further for 1-1 sex therapy in Surrey!