Alcohol Addiction Treatment Guildford

Give yourself another chance with my alcohol addiction treatment in Guildford

When alcohol starts to take over your life, it can be difficult to stop, or know that it is bad for you. After it becomes as standard, alcohol knows no bounds in its destruction of your liver and brain, as well as your mental health.

At Addiction Care, I am here to help you overcome your addiction to alcohol and live a life free from the reigns of your addiction.

When dealing with addiction, one of the hardest things to do is admit you have a problem. At Addiction Care, the therapy I offer begins by helping someone take responsibility for their addiction, which is considered an essential part of recovery. From there, we will work together to discover where your addiction stems from, as well as looking at suitable coping mechanisms and ways you can move forward positively.

If you’re ready to face your addiction head on and change your life for the better, get in touch via the contact form where you can book an initial appointment. To speak to me about booking an initial appointment and to take that very first step towards a life free from your addiction, fill out the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.