Addiction Help Guildford

Get addiction help in Guildford when you’re struggling

Recent surveys have shown that more people have taken up “lockdown drinking” to help deal with the mental strain that COVID-19 has put on them. Whereas some people have already dealt with addiction in the past and are finding it hard to cope, others are finding that their addiction is stemming from lockdown and aren’t sure where to turn.

Whatever part of the scale you fall on, if you’ve found lockdown to be particularly challenging and find yourself reaching for the bottle to get through each day, I am here for you.

Here at Addiction Care I specialise in addiction therapy and cover a range of addictions such as alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, gaming, gambling and bulimia. I understand that it can be incredibly daunting admitting you have an addiction, but I promise to give you a safe space to explore your addiction and find a positive way to move forward.

You’ll have my commitment, support and understanding every step of the way. On my website I have plenty of information on the varying addictions out there, as well as lots of information on myself and contact details for you to fill out so we can get the ball rolling.