2021 Is The Year To Stop Drinking

January is a time when people make New Year’s resolutions to stop drinking. 

People wait until January even though their drinking has been problematical for months before. After they start again then drinking quickly escalates back form just one or two drinks at weekends to a drink every day – chaos comes back into their lives again – jobs suffer, loved ones argue and families feel the consequences.

If there is a drinking problem, it will not go away.

The person may need professional help.  I am Peter Davies; a fully qualified Addictions Therapist and my company is Addiction Care based in Guildford.  I specialise in helping people come to terms with their addiction and I guide them through the chaos into long term recovery from their drinking problem.  I have been sober now for 19 years – so I know what it’s like to have a drinking problem and I know how to help you leave the drinking behind and get on with your life.  I help clients on a 1-1 basis.  My treatment is totally confidential. 

I not only help clients with alcohol problems but with all addictions – alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, relationships, co-dependency, food, spending, gaming and internet, pornography.

I work from the centre of Guildford and take pride in helping clients recover from their addictions.

My phone is on 24 x 7 – call me for a chat. 01483 533808 or email me on info@addictioncare.co.uk.