1-1 Drugs Support In Surrey

Any type of addiction, whether that’s an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling or work (to name a few), is the output for unresolved mental or physical issues. If you have watched my videos online, you will know that I liken addiction to an iceberg. The tip you can see breaking the water is the addictive activity but the majority of the iceberg which you can’t see under the water is the reason for your addiction. An addiction can start due to unresolved anger, loss, stress, resentment, fear or relationship issues. By only dealing with the parts that you can’t see, can you start to recover from the addictive activity.

My name is Peter and having been addicted to alcohol myself and now in successful recovery, I know better than most the journey you will have to take. I provide 1-to-1 treatment in Surrey and I take pride on the help I have given to my patients to-date.

I would love to hear from you if you would like more information about the 1-1 drugs support in Surrey I provide, or if you need help with another type of addiction. You can call me on 01483 533808. I am here to help and I look forward to supporting you this year.