1-1 Drugs Support Guildford

If you fear that you have an addiction to drugs in Guildford, it’s important to not only admit that you have a problem, but seek the right help. Although it may be easier to live in denial or hope that it will fade away, chances are it will only grow worse and you may face bigger hurdles further on down the line.

If you want to take the first steps towards facing your addition, I am here to help.

At Addiction Care I offer a safe space in which we can explore your addiction to drugs. Whilst it may seem like a high mountain to climb, I provide a non-judgemental platform in which together we can explore where it began, how it affects your life and how you can overcome it.

If you’re ready to face your addiction head on and change your life for the better, get in touch via the contact form where you can book an initial appointment. To speak to me about booking an initial appointment and to take that very first step towards a life free from your addiction, fill out the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.