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Tailored Alcohol Rehab

Humans are unique and as such when an illness occurs such as an addiction there is a requirement for a tailored recovery plan that works for the individual. We create our tailored alcohol rehab programmes with you by talking with you. We find out how your addiction manifested itself in the first place. It’s extremely likely that there is an underlying cause for your addiction to alcohol and only once this problem has been discovered and resolved can recovery be effective and sustained.

We want to help you recover from your addiction to alcohol and recovery is most certainly possible. We provide you with the techniques and information required to ensure that your recovery continues throughout your life.

Unsure of whether we are the best rehab centre in Surrey to help you? You can read through our testimonials by clicking HERE which we hope you find helpful.

Please do not hesitate to call us in full confidence on 01483 533300 if you have any questions or to arrange an initial consultation with us. If you prefer you can email Peter at

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