Tailor-made Day Care Treatment to suit your individual circumstances

We understand that taking extended time off work or away from your family in order to attend residential rehab may not be a practical option for you. So with this in mind, we’ve developed a flexible new Day Care Treatment specifically designed to fit in with your other commitments.

Our Day Care gives you all the benefits of residential rehab without compromising your professional or family life. Treatment options are tailor-made to suit your individual circumstances, and we’ll discuss these with you in detail at your initial assessment.

Day Care Programmes run between 0900 and 1645. We’ll organize a timetable for you based on what you want to achieve and when you can come in.

• 15 Day Programme.  This programme is designed to be intensive and to help you beat your addiction.

Tailor made to you – the 15 day programme runs over 3 weeks or longer.

• Following the 15 day programme if you need a few extra days then we can tailor them to suit your schedule


• Follow up programme.

One evening a week from 1900 to 2030, enabling you to profit from the support of others.

• 1-1 sessions.

These are offered following treatment. This allows on going therapy once a week helping support you with your continuing recovery.

Family Support Programme.

The opportunity to help those closest to you understand the dilemmas of addiction and recovery, and begin rebuilding the trusting relationships we all need in our lives.

Secondary Day-care

Following our day-care programmes or following treatment in other rehabs whether in this country or overseas. We offer clients on-going day-care support. This could be anything from one or two days a week and is a support for those clients that are still getting cravings or are having difficulty re-attaching to their home or business environment.

Often on-going support – which can be anything from one month to six months – allows us to hold the client in their chosen sobriety whilst they continue to process what is triggering their cravings or what it is they are uncomfortable with in their current life / work environment. Secondary day-care is a flexible and highly beneficial support to on-going recovery.

What to expect

All aspects of our Day Care Treatment Programmes are led by experts in their field – highly qualified, experienced and skilled addiction specialists. Their priority is to provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment where you can get to grips with what has been in the way of your leading a creative, fulfilling life.

This work will require commitment on your part – we can’t do it for you. But whatever your history, your needs, or your circumstances, we guarantee we’ll do our level best to release you, carefully and sensitively, from the stranglehold of addiction.

Why Day Care Treatment?

One thing’s for sure about addiction – it goes on getting worse. Until, that is, you choose to do something about it. Deep down, no one really wants chaos and crisis – take action now and you really can stop before you hit rock bottom.

We treat you as an individual and understand that your needs, circumstances and commitments are unique to you.

So Day Care Treatment means…

The Student doesn’t need to miss educational opportunities or withdraw from his or her peer group.

The Professional doesn’t have to lose out on career advancement and opportunities, or regret lost promotions.

The Partner can be freed from the need to “cover up” which can have such damaging effects on relationships, family dynamics and children’s life experiences.

The Company can keep valued employees instead of counting the cost of lost hours.

The Family can stop tearing themselves apart.