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Treatment for Alcohol Addiction in Berkshire

Do you have a problem with alcohol addiction in Berkshire, and are worried about your drinking over the Christmas period?

Many things can lead to alcohol dependency, including your family background. Did you know, if your parents were dependent on alcohol, you’re four times more likely to suffer alcohol dependency yourself?

Stressful events can also trigger heavy drinking, like bereavement or the losing of one’s job. In today’s competitive world many of us stumble on difficult times, which we all deal with in different ways.

People who suffer from alcohol dependency also tend to suffer from mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Trying to mitigate symptoms of such problems with alcohol is known as ‘self-medicating’; although it may seem to help in the short-term, it’s never a long-term solution to these sorts of problems. In fact, it can often make problems like depression or anxiety even worse.

Whatever the reasons, alcohol dependency is rarely entirely your fault, so it’s no wonder many experts also see it as a disease. What can make a difference is your attitude to challenging your addiction, and recognising that you have a problem.

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