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Spending Addiction Treatment Guildford

Looking for spending addiction treatment in Guildford?

Amongst all the addictions out there, a spending addiction is more common than you may think. By spending your money on clothes, jewellery, expensive trips, cars and treats for others, you might feel as though you have complete control over your life.

The rush that you may feel from spending excessive amounts of money may distract you from other feelings that you’re unsure how to deal with. The reality is that a spending habit can be incredibly damaging both financially and emotionally. If you fear that you have a spending addiction or have been told by a loved one that you may have a problem, I am here to help.

At Addiction Care I specialise in a range of addictive therapies and can help you with your spending addiction in Guildford. I’ll give you a safe platform for us to explore your spending habits in great detail, looking into where you think it began and together, we’ll find suitable ways to move forward.

With your commitment and my expertise, I believe we can make fantastic steps towards a more positive and stable future. To get in touch about booking an initial appointment, just follow the form on my website.